Supporting Transformation

Transformation informed by neuroscience

Leaders frequently underestimate what it will take to reach their ambitious goals. Charged with fundamentally changing the way their organisations run, they often lack the knowhow. Instead they reach for approaches that don’t take into account our growing understanding of how the human brain works. We at Visible Dynamics are clear, neuroscience has contributed to a new understanding of what it takes to transform.

Successful transformation requires three things

  • 1

    A vision of the future and the energy to fuel and maintain it

  • 2

    The scaffolding, space and psychological safety to adopt, and adapt to, completely new ways of working

  • 3

    Development of the capabilities to survive and thrive

In our experience leaders recognise the need for new capabilities and a compelling vision. However, providing the scaffolding, security and space for transformation is often a complete blind spot.

Imagine a caterpillar trying to transform into a butterfly without a cocoon to make it possible.

Visible Dynamic’s reputation in supporting, coaching and guiding leaders and enabling highly successful transformations is built on our track record. Every assignment is bespoke.

Our approach

It starts with you...

We’ll speak to you and key people from across your organisation and system, using our expertise to:

  • understand your ambition and what’s going on beneath the surface – how do key people really perceive the transformation?
  • take a view on what needs to happen to create the conditions for your transformation to succeed

We work with you…

We promise to:

  • stand at your shoulder whilst you are in the driving seat
  • provide the security, expertise and scaffolding for you and your teams to do what needs to be done – with confidence, credibility and conviction

It ends with you…

Our aim is to build your expertise quickly and to step back as soon as you are self-sufficient. We design our interventions with this in mind. This means:

  • We see every transformation assignment as a joint endeavour
  • We are both accountable for a successful outcome – all the way through
  • We will tell you if we spot something that’s likely to undermine success, even if it means a difficult conversation. We expect you to do the same

What’s needed depends on your specific challenges. Our proven and practical interventions include developmental workshops, facilitated team and stakeholder meetings and project planning – all informed by our understanding social dynamics and insight into how the human brain works.

Performance Turnaround in the NHS

“As the recently appointed Chief Pharmacist I needed support to develop Pharmacy. Carole provided clarity on priorities and a clear framework of strategic and operational projects. She challenged the ways we, the senior team, were thinking and behaving – individually and as a group. She developed our ability to focus on outcomes and to hold each other to account for delivery. It meant:

  • £0.6m cost saving achieved in year
  • Waiting times reduced from >3 hours to ~1hour, whilst handling a 20% increase in volume
  • Improved staff satisfaction, engagement and retention
  • The Department is fully recruited for first time in ten years.”

Martin K, Chief Pharmacist

Workplace Bullying

“We have finally got under the skin of a problem that has been endemic for the last ten years. The constant reference to bullying and fear of allegations made this an exhausting and draining place to work. I knew the culture had to be addressed and I didn’t believe that conventional training was the way forward. Carole has created an engaged and energised staff. She has found a way to finally put the bullying issue to bed – without unleashing its incredibly destructive potential”.

Steve D, Service Director