Our Services

Visible Dynamics provides leaders who are walking in the fog of uncertainty and complexity with the practical support, focus and knowhow to walk with ease

We are guided by neuroscience. We know what it is like to have big ambitions, and to respond to that big ask from a client or from your own organisation. We know what it is like to be on the spot!

  • You’re committed but the way forward is unclear
  • You’ve started but things are not going as you expected
  • The landscape and the goal posts are constantly moving
  • In the dark of the night you worry and are stressed

Clients seek us out when the expertise and approach they have used in the past is no longer serving them well.

At times like these they may need to make fundamental changes. Changes like extending or reconfiguring their team, taking on a new remit or, moving into a new area and developing new ways of doing business. At a personal level they might want the confidence and knowhow to navigate ever-moving goalposts. For some it’s about learning to deal with stress differently. Others want to access new levels of resilience so they can manage increasingly complex relationships and interfaces with ease.

Visible Dynamics provides leaders who are facing uncertainty and complexity with the practical support, focus and knowhow to walk in fog, expertly and confidently. Our approach has evolved from our coaching expertise. We work directly with you and, when needed, with your team. We support and challenge you, and work alongside you to introduce and embed new ways of thinking and behaving so you get the results you need.

We offer three broad types of service, each tailored specifically to you.

Supporting You

Our personalized support integrates the latest thinking from the worlds of leadership, neuroscience, mindfulness and project management with practical tools and techniques so you can achieve higher productivity, better outcomes and less stress.

Supporting Transformation

Leaders frequently underestimate what it will take to reach ambitious goals. Charged with fundamentally changing the way their organisations run, they often lack the knowhow. Instead they reach for approaches that don’t take into account our growing under standing of how the human brain works.

Supporting Your Team

Your success depends on the success of your team. This means you are at the mercy of the hidden social dynamics within the team. These dynamics include the difficult emotions that drive human behaviour.