Resources to introduce you to the fascinating worlds of social dynamics and neuroscience

How do you react when facing uncertainty? And how about your stakeholders and team members? What happens when you feel there are just too many unknowns on your project? What’s really going on when you are stuck and frustrated and can’t put a finger on the core issue?

Use our resources to find new ways to navigate uncertainty and to spot what’s going on under the surface in your organisation.

Articles and Book Reviews

6 minute read
Psychological safety the antidote to a toxic project culture

In this extract from Neuroscience for Project Success we explore how to avoid developing a toxic project culture by read article

5 minute read
How accepting unorder can unlock project leadership

The objectives are rewritten. The goalposts shift. The context changes. It’s all too easy for projects to be thrown off… read article

5 minute read
Neuroscience for Better Projects – advice for IT professionals

Take time to understand how the human brain works and you can enjoy higher productivity, better outcomes and less stress. read article

5 minute read
Stop speaking about human factors in project management

Speaking about the human factor in projects is no longer helpful.  Instead we need to read article

3 minutes
What is Cognitive Readiness and why is it important?

These were some my questions when I was asked to review the book Cognitive Readiness in Project Teams. What is Cognitive… read article

4 minutes
Self-protection is natural and psychological safety is king!

We are used to acknowledging that the human fight/ flight/ freeze response is driven by the need for physical survival.… read article


Neuroscience for Project Success: Why People Behave as They Do - available in paperback and on Kindle

Imagine understanding how the brain works. What if you knew what drives emotions, behaviours and decision making – in you and others? If all actions were informed by knowing why people behave as they do, how would it impact project success?

Carole brings the magic of brain science into the reality of teamwork and projects using examples from real project professionals and explanations from some of the foremost brain, behavioural and social scientists.

This book creates a framework of practices and behaviours that will help any project team perform to a higher level and experience greater wellbeing.

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Project Delivery, Uncertainty and Neuroscience: a Leader’s Guide to Walking in Fog - available in paperback and on Kindle

Working on change and transformation programmes and complex projects can be stressful and unpredictable. Whilst there is plenty of advice on how to manage the stresses that come with the job and the ‘people issues’ that get in the way of delivery, much of it doesn’t quite hit the spot.

Why? Because organisations and projects don’t function the way they are supposed to!

At times they leave us feeling stuck, frustrated and unable to put a finger on what is going wrong or why. It’s like being caught in a thick fog. Unable to see a way forward, all we can do is keep walking and take cues from those around us.

Fully referenced, yet concise and easy to read, Project Delivery, Uncertainty and Neuroscience, draws on recent research in neuroscience, mindfulness, complexity and project management.

Groundbreaking when it came out in 2019, this book led the Association for Project Management to invite Carole to expand on her ideas and write the follow up, Neuroscience for Project Success.

A truncated version of Neuroscience for Project Success.

Project Delivery, Uncertainty and Neuroscience is the ideal purchase for people who:

  • want a brief introduction to this arena
  • are short on time
  • want multiple copies for team members
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Neuroscience Leadership & Project Management

Join Kendall Lot and Carole Osterweil in this PM Point of View podcast as they explore what it’s like to be stuck in the fog when everyone else is pretending the way ahead is clear.

What does neuroscience have to do with project management?

In this podcast Elise Stevens of Fix my Project Chaos asks Carole Osterweil What does neuroscience have to do with project management?

Stress, Culture and High Performance Project Teams

If you are delivering complex projects and you want to build a high performance team you have to attend to stress, mental health and culture. Podcast with Carole Osterweil and Collin Smith of ICCPM (International Centre for Complex Project Management)