Supporting You

Personalized Coaching

Our personalized support integrates the latest thinking from the worlds of leadership, neuroscience, mindfulness and project management with practical tools and techniques so you can achieve higher productivity, better outcomes and less stress.

Visible Dynamics has coached hundreds of directors, executives and change leaders from the private, public and third sectors.

We can help you to...

  • 1

    Thrive in uncertainty and deal with complexity

  • 2

    Stay clear-headed and focused when emotions are running high

  • 3

    Manage and influence stakeholders with multiple agendas and perspectives

  • 4

    Respond to changing political, economic and social landscapes

  • 5

    Contain stress and anxiety

  • 6

    Achieve higher productivity and better outcomes

How do we provide our services?

We have two main offerings for personalized coaching: The Power Hour and The Power Pack.

The Starter Pack

The Power Hour

You get 1.5 hours coaching, (yes that’s right, 1.5 hours!) of undivided attention via phone or video call to

  • Download what’s front of mind
  • Unpick what’s really going on
  • Work out what needs to happen next and to how to make it happen
  • Experiment with different approaches
  • Plan how to consolidate and apply what you’ve learned
  • Follow up by email or SMS and links to resources

A Power Hour is the perfect start for higher productivity, better outcomes and less stress. Visible Dynamics doesn’t promise the moon!

In some situations, a power hour is all that is needed. In others it won’t be enough, and you’ll need more.

“For 24 hours after the session I was stunned at what we’d covered – it’s had a huge impact.”

Andrew K, HR Director

“The session was eye opening (eye watering even!) I now understand the extent to which I undersell myself and the potential impact of this approach…it has been enormously helpful.”

Lesley P, Programme Manager

The Next Level

The Power Pack

The power pack is typically a block of three or more 1.5 hour sessions, designed to meet your specific needs. Some clients chose a Power Pack of sessions spread over a year. Others prefer a block of six, spread out to meet the needs of a particular project.

We meet other client’s needs with a combination of coaching and other transformation and developmental interventions.

“I’ve learned how my words and actions are perceived by others, often to my detriment. I became acutely aware of what was happening under the surface of my interactions. I began to understand how my brain works.I’m more effective at navigating the different cultural context of India and the UK. I now appreciate what it takes to influence a diverse set of stakeholders – legal firms, banks, corporates and policy makers – and in a different country.”

Gaurav K, Programme Director, India

“Coaching enabled me to transform my Portfolio Office and the organizations’ Annual Budgeting Cycle by introducing an annual prioritization exercise and by changing mindsets. I didn’t accept the old excuse “our hands are tied”. I got agreement to stop projects and programmes and I freed up funding for higher priorities. We gained millions of pounds in a single planning cycle.”

Stephen F, Head of Portfolio, Public Sector

“Working with Carole was insightful, tremendously helpful and rewarding. When I started working with her things were very hectic. It was as if I needed to drink from a firehose to survive each day. I am still surrounded by flames. But I can now operate and manage very effectively within this very challenging environment.”

Nick V, VP Sales, Global IT Corporate