Higher Productivity, Better Outcomes, Less Stress

Visible Dynamics uses neuroscience to bring you higher productivity, better outcomes and less stress

People and relationships add far more complexity to organisational change and transformation than the worlds of business, leadership and project management have traditionally acknowledged.

As a result of neuroscience breakthroughs, we now know that invisible social dynamics determine why people behave as they do. These invisible social dynamics have a huge impact on productivity and outcomes. Social threat, fear of embarrassment, being ‘found out’, or admitting ‘I don’t know’ impacts the human brain in exactly the same way as a physical threat. It evokes our fight, flight, freeze response.

Is it any wonder that meetings become grossly ineffective, relationships strained and mis-communication proliferates? Or that issues arise with productivity, outcomes and stress?

Visible Dynamics exists to make invisible dynamics more visible.

We enable leaders and project managers to spot what is going on under the surface. Our coaching, consultancy and bespoke development interventions will equip you and your teams with the skills and knowhow to read and influence social dynamics. It is a skill set and knowledge framework you will keep for life and use everywhere.

Historically many organisations have dismissed good people practice as a soft, fluffy and nice-to-have when you can afford it. We don’t buy that! Neuroscience provides compelling evidence to the contrary. It also explains why some people investments are wasted.

Visible Dynamics brings an understanding of how the human brain works to all that we do, so that you can achieve higher productivity, better outcomes and less stress.

Carole Osterweil, founder of Visible Dynamics, speaking with Andy Kaufman of the People and Projects Podcast about social dynamics and social threat

Why work with us?

We understand…

Our work starts with acknowledging reality. Projects and organisations are far messier and more complex than anyone says. Being a leader is hugely challenging. It can also be hugely stressful. At times you can feel as if you are walking in fog and you dare not tell anyone. Instead you keep it secret and remain isolated, wondering silently if other leaders ever feel like this. Uncertainty is the defining criterion of this fog.

We support…

Visible Dynamics exists to support people like you, leaders, who are facing uncertainty. We offer practical, personal support to walk in fog and give you the knowhow for organisational transformation. In a world dealing with the fallout from the Corona Virus pandemic this expertise has become even more relevant.

We fit…

We work with leaders from every sort of organisation – major corporates, private companies, public bodies including the NHS, those working on complex government projects and third sector concerns. Whatever the size and scope of their organisation or transformation initiative, our clients have three things in common. They want higher productivity, better outcomes and less stress.

Organisations we work with

Many of our clients ask for confidentiality, so we are unable to share the names of all the organisations and private individuals we work with. Others are relaxed about being named.