Visible Dynamics brings higher productivity and better business outcomes with less stress

We set up Visible Dynamics because organisations spend millions on change and transformation programmes every year and are still not satisfied with the results.  After examining numerous projects across the world many independent studies are concluding the same thing

learning to understand and influence the social dynamics (why people behave as they do) represents the best opportunity for improving project success rates.

Visible Dynamics helps leaders understand what’s going on beneath the surface in their organsiations.  So change and transformation initiatives don’t get swept off course by undercurrents and subtle human dynamics like group-think, resistance to change and inconsistent decision-making.

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Project Delivery Uncertainty and Neuroscience – A Leader’s Guide to Walking in Fog introduces our approach

Ten years ago, you could have got away with labeling talk of the invisible social dynamics ‘flaky’.  Not so now.  Neuroscience is providing insights into how the human brain works and evidence that these invisible dynamics exist.

This has profound implications for anyone attempting to change or transform the way their organisation or team operates.

higher productivity and better business outcomes require an understanding of how the human brain works

Whether your challenge is changing the culture of an enterprise, transforming project delivery or driving performance improvement – we’ve something for you.

It’s a bold claim, so take a moment.

What’s going on beneath the surface of your organisation?

Wired for Survival from Carole Osterweil

Take a look at our Resources pages to find out more.

Using Insights from Brain Science to Manage Projects and Influence Change is a short read and a great introduction to the human brain and the causes of unhelpful dynamics.

Identify invisible dynamics by Understanding the Project Stress Cycle.

Listen to the podcasts and conversations to discover how others are responding to the notion of invisible dynamics.

Check out Project Delivery Uncertainty and Neuroscience – A Leader’s Guide to Walking in Fog  on Amazon.

Visible Dynamics offers practical support and know-how

Visible Dynamics brings expertise in troubleshooting and personal and organisational transformation.  We work with project directors, senior leaders and project teams to get higher productivity and better outcomes with less stress.

We do this by straight-talking.  Organisations are far more complex than the text books say.

This disconnect often leaves highly talented and experienced leaders feeling stuck, frustrated, and unable to put a finger on what is going wrong or why.  We know that at times they feel as if a thick fog has descended.  Yet they must keep on walking – even though the way forward is far from clear.

We see Walking in Fog as a necessary part of change and transformation.  Yes, it can be anxiety-provoking and at times it is scary.  But there is nothing to  gain from pretending it isn’t!

Visible Dynamics provides strategies for Walking in Fog.  It’s why we exist.

Visible Dynamics equips you for Walking in Fog

We work with you to

  • Unpick the invisible dynamics (all the stuff that goes on beneath the surface)
  • Reduce complexity
  • Improve success rates.

We do this through coaching and training and/or consultancy interventions.  No two assignments are the same – they are always co-created and designed to meet specific needs.

Typically our work includes building an understanding of how the human brain works.  This approach

  • Provides a platform for making sense of ‘why people behave as they do’
  • Puts all the difficult emotional stuff that goes with change and transformation on the table in a  non- threatening way
  • Enables leaders to keep anxiety (their own and others’) in check.


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Work with us to

  • Gain understanding of why people behave as they do and insight into what’s really going on
  • Make informed choices about interrupting unhelpful dynamics and replacing them with more constructive ones
  • Create brain-friendly environments, where there is far less risk of triggering unhelpful behaviours and emotions

Learn to contain complexity and intentionally influence the social dynamics – it’s the only route to better outcomes with less stress.

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