It’s a Stressful Time – Here’s What You Can Do For You and Your Team

It’s a stressful time – here’s what you can do for you and your team.


Carole Osterweil speaks with Andy Kaufman in episode 291 of the People and Projects Podcast

Carole and Andy explore how leaders and project managers can draw on ideas from Project Delivery, Uncertainty and Neuroscience to walk through the fog of uncertainty.


Recorded in April 2020, when uncertainty was rife.  We were in Lockdown on both sides of the Atlantic.  Nobody knew how the Corona Virus behaved, how long it would last or how it would it impact business, society or each of us as individuals.

What should you as an employer or leader  consider when communicating to your people?


It’s a Stressful Time – Here’s What You Can Do For You and Your Team


Listen in as Carole and Andy discuss

  • Key lessons for walking through the fog of uncertainty
  • Why it’s important to understand how the human brain works
  • The biggest uncertainties we encounter when navigating projects
  • The difference between risk and uncertainty
  • Does conventional risk management always work
  • How to keep yourself from endless ruminating
  • Advice for leaders who are feeling stressed about the uncertainty
  • How parents can develop their children’s ability to walk in fog
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